Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Harmonica

I’ve always had a passion for music education. Both my parents have degrees in music- my father, a Bachelor of Arts in Music (concentration: oboe and voice), my mother, a BA in Music Education (secondary ed), and a Masters in Choral Conducting. As far back as I can remember, I have been part of musical theater and after school choir rehearsals. I remember sitting around the dinner table talking about musicals, choral pieces and harmonies. At age 16, I gave piano and guitar lessons to a friend’s younger brother and sister. I was always a section leader in high school choir and drum major for the marching band as well.

I took formal Suzuki piano training from age 3 until 18, studied voice via private instruction from age 16 to 22. At Michigan State University, I was on track as a music education major, when the performance bug bit me and formal music education training was put on hold. I finished my BA in Music with cognates in voice, philosophy and French and didn’t teach for several years while I was performing 3-5 nights a week (See Performance Bio [Link]).

In 2011 I met an incredible educator, guitarist and singer-songwriter in Chicago. John Weston and I found we had similar backgrounds – his father a college professor, and accomplished pianist. We formed a band and shortly after, a music education company providing private lessons all over Chicago.

In 2015 my wife and I chose to move our family back home to Metro Detroit. I have continued to teach music, but performing all over the country left little time to teach – or do anything else. In 2016 I made the choice to go all in on music education.

I was so fortunate to be exposed to incredible music and very unique learning opportunities from a young age. Whether it was Michigan Opera Theater youth chorus parts or the All-State Musical Theater program at Interlochen, or singing at Carnegie Hall in a 250 person choir with students from all over the country- these are a few of my experiences that set me on a lifelong path to bringing music education to the coming generations.

Curriculum Vitae (LINK)