Everyone can learn to play music with Middle C Music Education!

For adults, music can be a powerful tool to unleash creativity and reduce stress levels.

The process of learning music happens one step at a time.


Middle C Music is a resource for anyone, young or old, who wants to learn to play an instrument or have a fuller relationship with music. We provide music education on various instruments through private instruction, group lessons and specific classes.

Everyone can learn to play music

Studies have shown music is an activity that utilizes both sides of the brain simultaneously. Adults at any age can learn an instrument. You’re never too old to start enjoying music. For the child, music education and private music lessons can enhance learning in other areas of study.

Learning music from instructors who perform

Our instructors are working musicians who can teach all ages. Learn to play music YOU like and develop skills to perform live! We seek to make learning music fun and to share the joy of performance.